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Experience the new environment-friendly dry steam cleaning system

Safe, fast and 100% green technology

Twist Eco Car Wash is the first and fastest growing franchise chain of mobile and stationary car washes based on dry steam technology. From 2009 we are developing our business concept which now includes over 80 units in Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland. Using dry steam gives us opportunity to offer our mobile services wherever customers need them, without any residues, effluents, wastewater, etc. It's a 100% green technology for environment friendly car cleaning and sanitizing that consumes only 4 litres of water per car, while in a traditional car wash it takes about 190-200 litres.

Innovation in car wash business

The Twist Eco Car Wash teams will bring the highest quality services at a fair price to the customer's doors, washing and sanitizing all type of cars, vans, trucks, company fleets, etc. Our method is fast and convenient, it saves your time and guarantees the widest range of applications:

  • paint washing and degreasing without scratches
  • cleaning of dashboards, windows and upholstery
  • sanitizing car interiors by killing germs and mites
  • cleaning of engines and undercarriages
  • upholstery and carpets are dry and ready to use in a few seconds

Experience the future of car washing

Dry steam is also a great advantage when opening a typical, stationary car wash: it saves gallons of water, no permissions or authorizations are needed, no sewerage is required. Easier, faster and cheaper than any other system that you may know:

  • low cost technology
  • 100% ecological
  • no permissions required
  • no filters, drainage systems, separators, etc. needed

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