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What is is the app that allows you, in a quick and easy way, to ask your customers for a car wash where they want:

  • at your car wash, thus skipping the endless queues;
  • or it will be one of your professional cleaners to reach his car, where and when he wants it: at his house, outside the gym during training, in the parking lot of his favorite shop while he is shopping, just to name a few, or in the parking lot of the hotel that is hosting him or at the company where he works.

Through the app it is possible to view the list of affiliated facilities.

Grazie ai prodotti Twisted Car Wash puoi offrire un lavaggio manuale di alta qualità, effettuato senz'acqua e senza lasciare residui, e garantendo risultati migliori rispetto al lavaggio tradizionale.

Customer benefits

Save time

Whether booking at a car wash or for on-demand washing, that is, at your home, at a hotel or company car park, our service will save you precious time, without unnecessary waiting and endless queues.

The user pays online, only after* the service

After downloading the app, the user books the service. Once the service has been completed, you will be asked to make the payment.

* = The bank issued the credit card may charge the first service upon confirmation of the same; all following services will be charged only AFTER the conclusion of the service.
Professional washers, selected and referenced.

For on-demand washing services, employs professional washers who are carefully trained and assisted by our best experts.

An accurate and exclusive manual service with attention to detail

Different types available washing services: internal, external, seats and extras. The best products designed for waterless cleaning of luxury cars are used: a method that does not scratch the surfaces and does not require the use of water.

The service takes place where you want: the choice is yours!

With you can clean the car where you want: you can say goodbye to unnecessary waste of time and endless waiting. You will be able to choose where the service will take place: at your trusted car wash, at your home or at affiliated facilities. Download the app and scroll through the full list to find the one that's most convenient for you.

Express your satisfaction

The level of user satisfaction is constantly monitored through the app which allows them to share an opinion on the service received.

An eco-sustainable service

The waterless method used guarantees excellent results, respect for the environment (because it does not dirty and does not pollute), as well as significant water savings (up to 180 liters for each car).

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