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open a car detailing SPA

Specialists of the future

The first european project that got off the ground with special consideration for the motorization enthusiasts. Within the framework of our chain, taking care of cars has become an art which aim is an extraordinary focus on all tiny details. Trying to meet the customers growing expectations half way, we treat their vehicles like people in posh SPA resorts.

An easy concept

The best method to sell a machine is to show the consumer how it works and how efficient the end result is. The idea is to have the SPA divided into 2 sections: one is for detailing and car washing, and the second is a classy and neat boutique style showroom, along with a lounge where you can wait for your vehicle to be pampered. While you are having an espresso in the lounge, you can see the products that are used and the cleaning process. If someone is interested in purchasing the products, they will be in the perfect place to learn the method and have it demonstrated.