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become our master distributor

Twist Eco Car Wash is a part of the General Vapeur Group, the largest producer of steam generators in Italy and a world leader in effective and ecological industrial cleaning systems, with more than 40 years of experience and millions of machines sold worldwide.

Detailking Group is a team of experts in professional car care systems, auto detailing and smart repairs, dedicated to provide you with the highest quality garage equipment, vacuum cleaners, ozone generators and car cosmetics.

Launched in 2009, together we are building an international chain of mobile car washes, cleaning units and stationary car care points with auto detailing and smart repair services. We are offering you to become our partner or master franchisee and start up your innovative, pro-ecological business, connected with automotive and general cleaning sectors. To those who are interested in our system, we can provide:

  • tested business concept with all the necessary know-how
  • professional training courses
  • discounts on all kind of necessary equipment
  • marketing support
  • technical and substantial support
  • territorial exclusivity
  • selection of appropriate facilities and equipment
  • everyday support

Personnel training

In addition to the wide range of equipment, we also offer a selection of training courses, designed to enhance your practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of services for a faster and more efficient service.

You can take training in:

  • professional auto cosmetics
  • auto detailing
  • smart repair
  • laundry and stain
  • service steam washes and cleaning equipment
  • relationships with customers
  • interpersonal skills
  • time management
  • sales

Training dates are set individually, and their duration depends on the subject. Each ends with the awarding of the appropriate certificate.